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The new frontiers in Cardiovascular Risk management: What are the challenges?

The new frontiers in Cardiovascular Risk management: What are the challenges?

Master Class

This Russian Conference under auspices of the PACE Foundation in cooperation with www.internist.ru

July 2012, Moscow

This Expert Review is an initiative of the Physicians Academy for Cardiovascular Education (PACE) foundation in partnership with www.internist.ru, with a particular focus on New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Risk Management.

The Russian Federation has one of the world’s highest rates of death and disability from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 55% of all deaths in Russsia, and for over 30% of deaths under the age of 65. This is attributed largely to lifestyle determinants. The PACE foundation recognizes that physician education plays an increasingly important role in our efforts to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The educational program will focus on new developments in cardiovascular risk management and the relevance of new developments for the improvement of the prevention and clinical management of patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Mission PACE foundation:
The mission of PACE is to improve the cardiovascular health of patients by providing an international forum for the review, exchange and assimilation of new important data underlying cardiovascular disease and diabetes and accelerate the translation of this information into clinical practice. This expert meeting will be a dynamic meeting with state of the art lectures and clinical debates. Participants will be part of an educational initiative that will provide support to clinicians in their daily clinical management of cardiovascular risk and diabetes. The program provides an optimal balance between updates in forefront science and clinical dialogue, with involvement of international thought leaders.

The PACE International program directors are: Prof. John E. Deanfield, London, Prof. D. John Betteridge, London, Prof. John J.P. Kastelein, Amsterdam

Topics to be addressed during the meeting:

  • Novel anticoagulants and platelet inhibitors, Prof. Harry Buller
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment; A lifetime challenge, Prof. John Deanfield
  • Diabetes and vascular risk: Therapeutic update – Prof. John Betteridge
  • Lipid management: is lower better? – Prof. John Kastelein
  • Lipid management: opportunities beyond statin therapy: Prof John Kastelein
  • How does BP lowering prevent the clinical manifestations of CV disease?: Prof. Bryan Williams

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