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Post-MI heart failure: timely treatment with MRAs

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Post-MI heart failure: timely treatment with MRAs

The issues of clinical consequences of the influence of aldosterone on mineralocorticoid receptors and the effects of using antagonists of aldosterone receptors concern the world scientific community more and more with every passing day. Under the conditions of chronic stress due to the rhythm of modern life, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system does not already play the protective role but becomes an independent unit of negative processes of impact on the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Martin Cowie, professor of cardiology of the National Heart and Lung Institute, the Imperial College London, will help us to understand this complex cascade of pathological processes.

The program will cover the issues of the pathogenesis of CHF and adequacy of the timely administration of antagonists.

Speaker: Professor Martin R Cowie MD MSc FRCP FRCP (Ed) FESC, Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College London (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Moderator: Professor Oksana M. Drapkina (Moscow, Russian Federation)

31 May 2016 13:00-14:00 (Moscow time)

Russian broadcast (перейти к трансляции на русском языке)  России

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