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Опубликовано: 07 июня 2016

The new ESC Heart Failure Guidelines - implications for clinical practice

Clinical guidelines are an important instrument of a practitioner which helps to make the right decision. The basis of the guidelines is the clinical studies, the studies-based systematized reviews and meta-analyses analyzed by the experts in terms of evidence-based medicine. Nevertheless Clinical guidelines are not a static document. Any new information can not only confirm or reject the established stereotype but make put in doubt rightness of the used therapeutic approaches. The problem of treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF) still remains one of the most important tasks of present-day cardiology. What new approaches in therapy of patients with CHF have recently appeared in the clinical guidelines and what positions remained unbreakable, we shall discuss in the next programme from the cycle "Heart Failure: chess games 2.0"

Speaker: Professor Piotr Ponikowski (Medical University, Wroclaw)

Moderator:  Professor  Sergey R. Gilarevsky (Moscow, Russian Federation)

07 june 2016 12:00-13:00 (Moscow time)

Russian broadcast (перейти к трансляции на русском языке)  России