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Опубликовано: 30 марта 2017

Применение антагонистов минералокортикоидных рецепторов у больных СН после инфаркта миокарда

Second program in cycle «Games of chess 3.0»

The problem of treatment of heart failure (HF) does not lose its relevancy. The neurohumoral concept of HF pathogenesis gave a conception of the main pathogenetic mechanisms and significantly affected treatment strategies.
Large-scale studies which are planned to assess the impact of long-term treatment on endpoints such mortality, hospitalization rate, cannot explore the mechanisms of drug interactions and cannot answer questions: why one or the other drug suddenly is useless or even undesirable, or, to the contrary, why many physicians ignore the evident benefit from therapy.     
Replies to this and many others topical questions in the management of patents with HF following a myocardial infarction you will receive in the program «Heart failure, Chess strategy 3.0».

Speaker: Prof. Piotr Ponikowski MD, PhD, FESC, Professor of cardiology and Director of division of cardiology (Wroclaw, Poland). 

Moderator: Prof. Sergey R. Gilyarevsky MD, PhD, FESC, Professor of cardiology (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Broadcast schedule: 30 March 2017 19.00 - 20.00 (Moscow time)

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This event is supported by Pfizer.